A new engine to power the web of content.

JAAK connects songs, films, and TV shows directly to the artists, producers, writers, and organisations that create, own and distribute them.

We believe a simpler framework for licensing media on the web will unlock a world of new content experiences and untapped value opportunities for the entire media industry - we call it Smart Content.

A real-time metadata network

Without metadata our favourite videos and songs would remain unheard and unseen, never to be connected to the title of a song, or a list of suggested videos. As we demand more and more of our digital experiences access to accurate, authoritative, real-time metadata becomes increasingly important. The internet provides media with a global audience from day one, but discrepancies in metadata on ownership and usage can lead to difficulties in paying the correct parties.

META makes it cheaper, faster and easier to capture, manage and exchange metadata between organisations.

Simple content licensing for the web

Licensing content today isn't just difficult, in some cases it's impossible. Acquiring a license to use a song or clip online can require sign off from any number of organisations and individuals located across the globe, and that's if you can figure out who they are. Each country has different rules for paying rightsholders, and when you can't predict where your audience may be streaming from you're faced with acquiring global rights up front. We think there's a simpler way.

JAAK makes it easy to find, license, and pay for content on the web.

the tech

Smart Content

Decentralised content distribution infrastructure that connects media and metadata using smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

Metadata "microservices"

A blockchain-secured protocol governing the management, exchange and delivery of commercial metadata and third-party "micro-services". Organisations can deliver indexing, query caching, fingerprinting, storage, etc.

Storage and Content Distribution

Swarm is a zero-downtime, auto-scaling decentralised storage network that provides database services, content delivery, and encryption.


On top of Ethereum's devp2p network sits our messaging system that leverages Swarm for routing and incentivisation and Whisper envelopes for privacy.

Incentivisation & Transactions

Our underlying incentivisation framework allows off-chain transactions and pairwise state accounting with contractual agreements secured by the blockchain.

Smart licensing

Smart contracts serve as licensing APIs connecting end-user applications and developers to the content and rights-holders. Enabling micro-licensing, payments, etc.


At JAAK we build on the work of an entire industry of people, creatives, organisations and consumers. The META Initiative is a collaborative partnership to test, experiment and explore the opportunities offered by decentralised technologies in the media and entertainment industry.


Global partnership programme to build and test a real-time metadata network for the music and media industry.

The initiative will include representation from across the industry and seek to establish standards around:

  • Architecture
  • Business Process
  • Data Protection and Legal
  • Security
  • Identity
  • Services
  • Payments


Decentralised technologies represent an opportunity to rethink the way we design and implement large-scale systems of co-ordination.

Creating an environment for open innovation and collaboration is fundamental to the success and adoption of shared infrastructure for an entire industry.

In order to align interdependent incentives, both monetary and non-monetary, to promote collaboration and growth in the industry has to start with the nucleus of the network.


We're in the process of engaging members for the META Initiative.

Membership will connect core members with delivery partners and technology providers to test three use cases:

  • Rights Management
  • Content Syndication
  • New Revenue Models

You can reach us here if you'd like to learn more.

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